Asset Register Valuations

Here at Vals TAS we have industry experts who can provide a detailed certified report for asset registration purposes. An asset register is a formal list which includes all of a business’ assets, including pieces of equipment, supplies and any items which help operate the business. It is important for any business type or size to have an up to date asset register to determine the current market value of all the assets.

Asset registers will vary in size depending on the size of the business and each list can include an assortment of items. Some businesses will hold a short and concise asset register list, and some bigger companies can hold an extensive list with many high valued items. A business asset register is a crucial document and it is imperative that it is maintained and kept up to date to reflect the company. At Vals TAS, we know the importance of a clear and detailed asset register valuation report, which is why our industry experts are able to provide a certified report to accurately determine the value of the assets.

Our specialised team have an extensive background in valuating commercial and industrial properties and their assets. These include:

  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Office spaces
  • Education/Tertiary campuses
  • Retail stores
  • Churches and places of worship
  • Manufacturing plants

Why choose Vals TAS?

Although on the offset having an asset register valuation may not seem like the most important task in the business, seeking out an asset register valuation is important for understanding the current depreciation value for insurance purposes. Knowing the current value of assets will ensure that your insurance covers the correct replacement value. Here at Vals TAS, we are industry experts in proceeding with an asset register valuations for our clients. Having a certified, independent valuer complete a valuation ensures that your assets are correctly and accurately valued for insurance and financial reporting purposes. Also if there are many items, having a register keeps account of all of the items.

If you require an asset register valuation, or would like to learn more information about how we can assist you,
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