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Vals TAS is dedicated in providing our clients with a flawless service to provide a clear and concise property valuations report quote. We are committed in delivering high quality customer service and competitive quote prices. We have independent skilled valuers who are experts on the local property market in your area, to provide top quality valuations and a fair market value of the property. We are pleased to provide exceptional valuation services in Hobart and Launceston.

When is a property valuation needed?

A property valuation Is needed in many circumstances, including:

  • To determine a fair market value
  • Property settlement valuations
  • For stamp duty
  • Retrospective/backdated valuations
  • Asset register valuations
  • Pre-sale & pre-purchase valuations
  • Capital gains tax valuations
  • Mortgage security valuations

We understand needing a property valuation quote can branch from a difficult circumstance, including deceased estate valuations. This is why each of our valuers are clear and compassionate to provide an easy, efficient process during potentially difficult times, providing an accurate quote. We also appreciate having a valuation for taxation purposes can be time sensitive. All of our valuers are certified with the Australian Property Institute (API) to provide quality, detailed, timely property valuation reports.

When you reach out for our services, we will provide you with a comprehensive analysis detailing key factors that can influence the value of any subject property. As such, our reports are legally certified and can be used for a variety of purposes for either private or formal use. This means that we can provide a report that is filled with quantitative data to meet a range of legislative requirements in instances such as government submissions, taxation compliance, and litigation proceedings. In turn, you will receive an instant quote that is tailored to your specific valuation requirements.

If you require our professional services for a quote, please complete our contact information and a member of our expert team will contact you as soon as possible.
For a free, instant quote, please contact our office on (03) 6108 2178 and you will be put through to a property valuations specialist.