Fair Market Property Valuations

A fair market property valuation will determine the accurate value of the property, this can either be a current market valuation or a retrospective valuation. Obtaining a property valuation conducted by a certified property valuer is essential if a client needs to know the accurate fair market value. A fair market property valuation is needed in many circumstances, including:

Why is a property valuation important in determining the fair market value?

Obtaining a property valuation is the only way to accurately determine the fair market value of a property. A fair market value is determined by an independent property valuer investigating over 200 variables of a property, which is then coupled with an extensive analysis on the local property market at the requested time, to determine an accurate and reliable fair market value. A fair market value doesn’t side with neither a buyer or seller and doesn’t regard what the current property owner paid for it. A property valuation report includes factors such as: the property’s condition and age, location, size and comparable properties in the local area. This can be completed in current time or in retrospect.

Why choose Vals TAS?

Here at Vals TAS, our valuers are industry experts in providing a valuation report which is accurate, reliable and fair. Our fair market valuations are conducted on unprejudiced data which meets criteria to be used for Australian Tax Office, Litigation matters and Governing bodies. Our team of experts deliver an outstanding level of customer service and tailor the valuation reports to the clients individual requirements, whether for personal or formal use.

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