Pre-purchase and Pre-sale Valuations

Having a property valuation is imperative in pre-sale and pre-purchase decision making. Whether you are selling a property or having a valuation before committing to buy, we have a team of industry experts to provide a comprehensive pre-sale and pre-purchase valuation report to help our clients make confident decisions . We understand how much of a big decision either selling or purchasing a new property is, which is why having an in depth understanding of the property in question is important.

What is a pre-sale and pre-purchase independent property valuation report ?

An pre-sale and pre-purchase independent property valuer will provide a detailed valuation report which includes an investigation into over 200 variables which can affect the overall value of the property. These variables include:

  • Location
  • Property condition
  • Size of the property
  • The current market value
  • Nearby amenities (transport, schools, parks

There are many advantages in having a pre-purchase and pre-sale valuation. One advantage being that a certified valuation report holds no bias to either buyer or seller, it is based on a strict criteria to establish a true market value. Another advantage of a pre-sale and pre-purchase property valuation is that it will provide a report which meets the criteria to be accepted by all governing bodies. This is useful when establishing any taxable amount.

Why choose Vals TAS?

Our team of industry experts will deliver you with a true and thorough awareness of the property pre-sale and pre-purchase, allowing you to make a fully informed decision pre-purchase or pre-sale. Our independent property valuers have completed demanding training to acquire the credentials of a Certified Practicing Valuer (CPV). This is why all of our pre-sale and pre-purchase valuers are able to guarantee our clients will receive a clear and concise report. Our pre-sale and pre-purchase professional valuers conduct valuations on many property types and have extensive knowledge on the current property market in your local area. Whether you want to know the properties market value to buy, sell or purely out of interest, our industry specialists have got you covered. With over 20 years’ experience in the property industry, we pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction rate and will be happy to provide assistance with any pre-sale and pre-purchase enquiries.

If you require a pre-sale and pre-purchase independent property valuation for pre-sale or pre-purchase reasons,
please contact our team of professionals on (03) 6108 2178, a member of our team will be happy to help.