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Cathy Cook

Launceston, TAS

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If you're looking for a property valuation in the Launceston area who are true professionals, courteous, both experienced and well educated in the industry, and without question will provide you with 5 star service no matter what your property valuation needs, then you definitely need to give Vals TAS a call. You'll be glad you did!

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David Hobbs

Queenstown, TAS

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I found Vals TAS online and sure enough, their testimonials speak for themselves. If you’re in need of a property valuer in Hobart they are a first class operation that you definitely want to work with. I'm so thankful I found them to help me with my property valuation needs!

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Tanya Langley

Hobart, TAS

property valuers Launceston

The valuers at Vals TAS are very knowledgeable. They were very helpful in telling me what type of property valuation report I needed for my tax return. Their prices are fair and very reasonable especially for the quality report you get. Thanks to the team for their help!

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The Benefits:

  • Vals TAS is a busy practice but it never compromises its guiding philosophy – INTEGRITY
  • Every member of the Vals TAS’s team works hard and strives to give the same detailed attention to the service the practice provides - whether undertaken for a multi-national corporation or a private client
  • Our valuations are backed by a comprehensive Professional Indemnity Insurance policy for your peace of mind
  • Regulated by the Australia Property Institute (API) and with the Director being a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

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Vals TAS

Hobart and Launceston’s Leading Independent Property Valuation Company

Who are we?

Vals TAS is the newest addition to the Vals brand, a nationwide independent property valuationcompany. The Vals brand has been providing expert property advice and consultation since 1997 and we are now extending all expert valuation services to Hobart.

The team at Vals TAS offer independent valuations across all residential, commercial and industrial properties, including specialised and business valuations in Tasmania. As an independent property valuation company, we are not tied to any financial institutions or real estate agents and remain independent to ensure accuracy and transparency.

At Vals TAS, we are dedicated to maintaining our reputation of being the leading independent property valuers Launcestonand always strive towards providing all clients with expert advice.

What do we do?

Vals TAS are the experts in providing comprehensive, independent valuation reports across all property types, including:

  • Industrial property;
  • Commercial
  • Industrial & Specialised
  • Plant & Equipment

There is a range of reasons why a property valuation is required. Vals TAS have a specialised team of Independent valuers in Hobartthat can cater towards any valuation requirements. This might include (but not excluded to):

  • Deceased Estate/probate
  • SMSF/ATO compliance
  • Settlement
  • Family Law or Litigation proceedings
  • Taxation purposes
  • Building Insurance
  • Pre-purchase/Pre-Sale advice
  • Compensation or Compulsory Acquisition
  • Rental Review/Rental Determination

Whatever the reason, the team at Vals TAS will ensure that your report is handled efficiently, promptly and with care. Seeking a property valuation can be tedious, so the team at Vals TAS strive to ensure that the process is as hassle-free as possible. Our Valuers will be as efficient and thorough will always strive to work within the client’s best interests.

What makes us stand out?

Vals TAS is an independent property valuation Tasmanian company – this is what makes us stand out. Being independent means that Vals TAS is not tied to any financial or real estate institution. The report’s that are provided are based solely on the factual evidence provided from real estate and council data as well as comparable sales, land value and current market or its retrospective value.

While we strive to work within our client’s best interests, we remain independent by ensuring that our reports are not influenced by any agenda and remain bias-free. In many circumstances, an independent valuer is required by state law, this may include building insurance, Self-Managed Super Fund purposes, court proceedings and compulsory acquisition.

Our team of independent Valuers in Launceston are all registered with the Australian Property Institute (API) and are trained to provide property advice and expert consultation for all clients. Our Valuers all uphold API standards and guidelines to ensure that we remain independent.

How can we help?

Seeking out a property valuation can be a tedious task and, in some cases, can be quite stressful. This is why Vals TAS take on the brunt of the workload to ensure that the process to relieve as much stress as we can.

Each member of our specialised team is trained to answer any valuation query from the moment of enquiry. We are equipped to schedule your inspection over the phone and place you in contact with one of our specialised, local property Valuers.

Our internal inspections take no more than 20 minutes to complete, however, we also offer external inspections as well for our clients when necessary. Most of our valuation reports take an average of two business days to complete from the day of inspection so you can receive your report as soon as possible. For more specialised, in-depth valuations our report turnaround will be an average of three to five business days.

Vals TAS are also experienced in providing business valuations for your next business-related decision. Whether you’re planning an exit strategy or redirect your strategy direction, a business valuation can help you optimise your business direction.

What is a property valuation?

A property valuation is a certified legal document that aims to determine the fair market value, either at a current market or retrospective date, of any subject property. As such, a property valuation can be completed for any residential, commercial, or industrial property type for a variety of purposes.

A property valuation can only be completed by a certified valuer with the industry expertise to research and objectively analyse the subject property and provide an accurate value free from bias. Property valuations are eligible for submission to governing agencies, law courts, and to the State Revenue Office to provide a transparent, objective determination of value.

When would you need a licenced property valuer?

In order to obtain a certified valuation report required for any kind of private use, legal procedure, or compliance measures, you will need to a licenced property valuer to assess the subject property

As such, a licenced property valuer is needed to adequately research and provide a comprehensive analysis without bias for a variety of purposes. A licenced property valuer is able to complete rigorous due diligence to ensure the valuation meets any requirements. In turn, a property valuer provides reliable, sound advice to provide greater certainty and an accurate property value.

What are the difference property valuation methods?

As outlined by the Australian Property Institute (API), certified valuers will use three main methodologies in their property valuation reports to determine value. These include:

  • Direct Comparison Methodology: this one of the most common approaches in determining value. The valuer will complete a direct comparison of the subject property with similar properties in the local area to determine value.
  • The Summation Approach: this methodology is relied upon by API certified valuers as a secondary check. It involves calculating the replacement cost value of improvements made to the property, then depreciating this value by age. The depreciated value will then be calculated against the underlying land value to reach an overall value of the property.
  • The Capitalisation of Net Income: this methodology is reserved for commercial properties and can be used in conjunction to the direct comparation and summation approaches. The property valuation will be based on the net rental income, which will be capitalised at a rate taken from comparable sales in the local area to calculate the subject property’s fair market value.

What does it take to become an API qualified property valuer?

In order to become an API qualified property valuer, one must undergo at least six years of tertiary education and industry practice before being certified to undergo valuations. As such, a property valuer will need to complete a tertiary course in property via the Australian Property Institute before completing two years of industry practice via a traineeship. From here, a property valuer will need to sit a final interview before being qualified.

Through this rigorous training, an API qualified property valuer has the expertise to provide valuable, sound advice on valuing real property. An API property valuer is also an expert in their local property market with a unique insight into any subject property.

What does a property valuer look for at an inspection?

When conducting an inspection, a property valuer will analyse the details of the subject property such as overall building condition, orientation to the street, and any fixtures and features. A property valuer will also look at the property’s location and take into account its proximity to public amenities and infrastructure while looking into any environmental risk factors.

As such, an inspection allows the property valuer to gain a clearer understanding of the property and the surrounding area before conducting further research using selected property databases. From here, the property valuer can apply their knowledge of the property and the local property market to provide an accurate fair market value.

What is the difference between a retrospective and a current market property valuation?

Both a current market and retrospective property valuations aim to determine the fair market value of any subject property. However, a retrospective property valuation will provide the accurate market value of the property at a chosen date in the past. A current market property valuation on the other hand, provides an accurate determination of value in its current state.

A current market property valuation is only valid for 90 days from the date of inspection, while a retrospective property valuation is useful for probate, taxation, and government applications. As such, the certified valuer will utilise the same methodologies for either purpose the subject property’s accurate value.

What is the difference between a bank valuer and an independent property valuer?

A bank valuer works within the interest of the lender to ascertain loan security. As such, a bank valuer will hold a pre-emptive conflict of interest of wanting to minimise risk and will likely prompt for a more conservative value should the loan be defaulted.

One the hand, an independent property valuer can perform a certified valuation for mortgage security purposes based on objective research and data to provide an accurate value. As such, a property valuer will provide an independent valuation based on expert industry knowledge without any conflict of interest.

Real estate appraisals vs. certified property valuation reports

A real estate appraisal will provide an estimation of value based on what the subject property is believed can be sold for. A certified property valuation, on the other hand, guarantees a professionally detailed document completed by an independent valuer.

A real estate appraisal is not a legal document and therefore cannot be used in any kind of formal capacity nor should it be accepted as an accurate determination of value. In turn, real estate appraisals also tend to have a conflict of interest in wanting to list the property for sale.

On the other hand, a property valuation is completed by an industry expert in valuing real property. As such, this will provide an accurate, transparent report without any conflict of interest, and can be used for pre-sale/pre-purchase advice purposes.

Vals TAS

offers all manner of valuation services, including:

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What do our reports include?

The reason for your valuation and the property type will determine the contents of your report. However, each valuation report will provide you with a comprehensive guide to the value of your property. Depending on the property type, a valuation report is compiled with evidence and photos to determine its value. This may include:

  • Comparable sales
  • Proximity to developing or existing infrastructure
  • Environmental factors/risks
  • External building condition
  • Zoning information and any other relevant council data
  • Proximity to shopping/recreational/business facilities or districts

Our reports adhere to the guidelines and standards as outlined by the API. When we have finished your valuation report you will receive a legally binding document that will be accepted in court proceedings, for ATO purposes, for government grant applications and insurance companies.

Our clients are our priority and we ensure that no matter what kind of valuation you are after, we can provide you with the expertise you need. For more information on our range of valuation services or to seek a tailored quote, please contact us directly on (03) 6108 2178or complete an online form.

We are Compliant with:

house valuationAustralian Taxation Office
house valuationAustralian Property Institute (API)
house valuationInternational Valuation Standards (IVS)
house valuationStrata Titles Act 1998
house valuationFamily Court of Australia
house valuationSupreme Court of Tasmania
house valuationMagistrates Court of Australia
house valuationDefence Housing Act Australia 1987
house valuationState Revenue Office Tasmania

Key Accomplishments:

property valuers Hobart

Completed professionally detailed valuation reports in and around the Hobart area including prestigious areas such as Sandy Bay and Battery Point. Properties valued over $3 million

property valuers Hobart

Provided a variety of commercial valuations throughout Tasmania, including large scale buildings valued over $7million

property valuers Hobart

Completed a number of rent reviews for clients and successfully saved tenants over $50,000 p/a in rent

property valuers Hobart

Undertook extensive specialised valuations for a variety of properties such as day care centres and medical centres across Tasmania

property valuers Hobart

Completed several valuations for larger scale mixed-use properties over the value of $15 million

Vals TAS Stats:


Valued on residential properties


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Why clients choose us:

  • Local Property Experts
  • API Trained Certified Property Valuers
  • Premium Service Guaranteed
  • Industry Professional Standards
  • Legally Compliant & Professionally Detailed Reports
  • Independent Valuations
  • Free from Bias
  • Full Service Valuation Firm
  • Extensive Property Database Research
  • Quality Assurance Program

I reached out to Vals TAS for a valuation for settlement purposes. The team were extremely compassionate towards my situation and were able to provide me with an independent valuation to reach a fair settlement. Thank you for everything! – Elise Gaven, Hobart Property Owner.

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